IKIGAI - New For 2021

Physical health & fitness offers are high-growth right now.

IKIGAI gives you an untapped opportunity, to leverage a brand new, weight-loss offer with a  2021 hook.

IKIGAI's spokesperson VSL expertly speaks to your leverages social and native ads to generate high EPC's and AOV's.  

Subscription sales generate residual affiliate commissions! 

What is IKIGAI?


70% of Americans suffer from stress. 75% are obese or overweight.

Stress is the underlying reason for weight gain due to high cortisol levels. 

IKIGAI provides them with the solution that addresses weight gain by controlling their day to day stress.  

Put simply, they take action!

Commission Structure

70% on Front End Sales

1,3 & 6  front-end purchase options 

60% on Upsells

We upsell your prospects extra IKIGAI through video, to boost your AOV's 

60% on Lifetime Rebills

Get lifetime commissions on rebills, to maximize your customer LTV

Max Cart Value

$492 on front-end & $708/year on recurring sales.

Commission Potential

$325 on front-end & $425/year on recurring sales.

Your IKIGAI Hoplinks

IKIGAI main VSL (no autoplay)



Substitute XXXX for your affiliate link. 
tid (tracking ID)=yyy is optional if you wish to add a tracking reference.

facebook pixel - contact affiliates@ikigai-formula.com if you need us to add this.

By promoting IKIGAI you agree to follow our affiliate partner terms. Your advertising must not include content that is deceptive, misleading, untruthful, unsubstantiated, and must comply with federal and state consumer protection laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Product Images

Images to copy and  brand your campaigns
ikigai logo 650x600
650 x 600 jpg
ikigai guarantee
1500 x 1500 png
andrew miller
Andrew Miller 1000x1000 png

dr ichikawa
Dr Ichikawa
1000 x 1000 png 
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller
375 x 375 png
1500x1500 png 
3000 x 1450 jpg
1050 x 650 jpg
3 bottles 1920 x 1390 jpg
1000 x 800 jpg
Dr Ichikawa
Andrew Miller

Google Ad-Words/Native Banners

Static banners in 6 popular sizes. Use to promote IKIGAI only.
With it's relatable story line, IKIGAI is perfectly positioned to leverage the power of facebook.  There are, however, compliance rules to observe to keep your ad account in good standing.

1. Never use your affiliate link to link to the sales page directly from your ad.  

2. Send prospects from your ad to a bridge page instead.  Then use your affiliate link to connect the bridge page to the offer page.

3. Always add privacy, disclaimer and contact links to the bridge page.

4. Never make unsubstantiated claims or use the term 'weight loss'. It would be acceptable to use terms like having 'more energy', 'less stress' or 'crushing hunger cravings' for example.

The fan page

Create a page from your profile page. Use an aspirational name (health/fitness context) as this will appear on the ads.

The ad

The objective of the ad is to stop people from scrolling their news feed, and take action. Use a curiosity based ad. Look out for ads promoting similar products. Ones to look out for have lots of engagement, because they are successful and have been running for a while.

Bridge Pages

Pre-sell or quiz pages convert well with facebook. 


Create a bridge page that is congruent with the sales page, Use colors, fonts, references etc so when your prospect arrives on the sales page, they know they are in the right place.

IKIGAI Affiliate Support

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